Industry Affiliates Program

Industry Affiliates Program

The mission of Data Science Institute is to function as an engine of translational research and education in the data sciences and a source of technology projects that are highly relevant to industry. To achieve this mission, the Institute actively engages industry partners across a broad spectrum to develop mutually beneficial interactions. These engagements are structured around an Industry Affiliates Program (IAP).

The IAP works with companies to identify specific goals for their relationship with the Institute and facilitates interactions that meet these goals. Members all join at the same level and are entitled to all of the benefits listed. This level can be expanded upon according to the desired degree of engagement with the Data Science Institute.


Seeded by an award from New York City’s Economic Development Corporation, the Institute collaborates closely with industry and other partners to translate data into informational discoveries that offers tremendous potential in society, commercial enterprise, and workforce development.

The Data Science Institute is a truly interdisciplinary effort – encompassing nine schools at the university. Through integration of mathematical, statistical, and computer science foundations with other fields of endeavor, the Institute enables better healthcare, smarter cities, new media, secure communications and data-driven innovation in the finance and public sectors.

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